Comprehensive Wealth Management

Comprehensive Wealth Management (CWM) is the next generation of managing and investing client assets. CWM addresses retirement and education planning, appropriate asset allocation models, tax mitigation strategies, estate planning techniques and adequate life and disability insurance coverages. Our proprietary Comprehensive Wealth Management system hones in on the weaknesses and deficiencies in one's overall financial plan and takes it one step further by providing time-tested, rational, well thought out solutions.

We employ Modern Portfolio theory in addition to optimal asset allocation, placing clients along the Efficient Frontier (a nobel prize winning theory in economics), thus giving our clients the maximum potential return given our proposed asset allocation model with the least amount of risk.

Asset Analysis and Planning

Specialized analysis of specific assets and their risk and tax implications
for your portfolio

  • Succession planning
  • Corporate stock options
  • Concentrated stock


Wealth Preservation and Transfer

Expert and confidential support of your long-term goals

  • Wealth Preservation
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Wealth Transfer


Custody and Tax Management

Asset administration and analysis of your financial information

  • High Net Worth Tax Strategies
  • Financial Reporting Services

In addition to these successful, time-honored strategies, the current investment climate demands that we offer additional value.

  • We strive to identify and reduce or eliminate unnecessary taxes.
  • We develop employee stock-option exercise and financing strategies.
  • We create liquidity for illiquid estates, structure asset equalization amongst heirs, and examine charitable-giving strategies as one means of leaving legacies.
  • We also help develop processes to facilitate co-operation for asset allocation amongst heirs.

Depending upon your situation, specific areas of focus may include: Taxes, Legacy Stucture, Liability.

High Net Worth Tax Strategies
We specialize in high net-worth tax strategies designed to help enhance the value of your investments and estate which help reduce the exposure to tax liability. We have extensive experience in mitigating capital gains and high marginal tax rates including Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) exposure. OCM offers seasoned management of:

  • Tax Efficient Portfolios for non-qualified accounts
  • Concentrated Stock Portfolios
  • Legacy Planning
  • Innovative Wealth-Transference Strategies
  • Cash Flow to Income Ratio analysis, based on clients age and risk factors
  • Methods to improve ratio imbalances between oversized and tax deferred portfolios
  • Strategies to increase 72T distributions from qualified plans against strategically enhanced Schedule A deductions to minimize average tax rates
  • CRT's
  • ILIT's

Oliver Capital Management is aware of the "going rate" for wealth management services and is very competitive fee-wise in today's marketplace. Because our fees are based on market value, there is no incentive to buy and sell securities unnecessarily. Instead, the portfolio managers' interest is aligned with yours.