Value Proposition

What is unique about Oliver Capital Management?

Attention to detail.

        Discipline and structure.


These attributes, along with an abundance of quality time spent listening to our client needs and goals, clearly separates us from the rest of the pack. Our Comprehensive Wealth Management analysis will clearly point out the areas of weakness within your current financial plan and offer specific solutions to strengthen those areas.

Furthermore, long after the initial Comprehensive Wealth Management analysis is completed, we will continue to monitor your progress towards your financial goals to ensure that you remain on track to achieve the financial goals set forth. In other words, we will provide the discipline and structure that often lacks in well laid plans.

In selecting a financial advisor, there are several factors to consider. Some characteristics are obvious: education, experience, integrity. Additionally, the individual who will guide you to financial security should have a sixth sense about money. He should be a good listener, inquisitive, and willing to educate. He should be able to see the big picture and know when to involve your other advisors.

Oliver Capital Management uniquely embodies all these attributes.