What We Do

Oliver Capital Management, Inc. is a Comprehensive Wealth Management (CWM) firm that focuses on both the asset and liability side of each client’s personal balance sheet.

The first step, and a very important one, is gathering all relevant information about your personal financial situation, goals and risk tolerances using our proprietary Comprehensive Wealth Management Questionnaire.

After thoroughly reviewing this information, clients receive a formal Comprehensive Wealth Management Analysis in writing. This document outlines the recommended strategy and solutions that best position them to achieve their stated financial goals. For every private client, it serves as the primary road map to achieving their clearly defined financial goals and objectives, is referred to often and updated as needed.

Comprehensive Wealth Management (CWM) is the next generation of managing and investing client assets. CWM addresses retirement and education planning, appropriate asset allocation models, tax mitigation strategies, estate planning techniques and adequate life and disability insurance coverages. Our proprietary Comprehensive Wealth Management system hones in on the weaknesses and deficiencies in one's overall financial plan and takes it one step further by providing time-tested, rational, well thought out solutions.

We employ Modern Portfolio theory in addition to optimal asset allocation, striving to place clients optimally along the Efficient Frontier (a nobel prize winning theory in economics), in an attempt to give our clients the maximum potential return given our proposed asset allocation model (i.e. Large Cap Growth, Mid Cap Value, Small Cap Core, Fixed Income, International, etc.) with the least amount of risk.

The appropriate mix of asset classes are purchased within client portfolios and then monitored closely going forward, in-line with our chosen strategy for principal growth, income protection and liquidity. Should your goals or needs change, or economic conditions dictate, the chosen strategy and investment mix may be adjusted accordingly. You may retain control and be as involved as you like with investment decisions or not at all.

In addition to these powerful, time-honored strategies, the current investment climate demands that we offer additional value.

  • We strive to identify and reduce or eliminate unnecessary taxes.
  • We develop employee stock-option exercise and financing strategies.
  • We create liquidity for illiquid estates, structure asset equalization amongst heirs, and examine charitable-giving strategies as one means of leaving legacies.
  • We also help develop processes to facilitate co-operation for asset allocation amongst heirs.

Depending upon your situation, specific areas of focus may include: Taxes, Legacy Structure, Liability.

We understand the complexities of planning for the future. We also realize that any long-term financial plan must be flexible enough to adapt sometimes volatile market conditions. Our wealth management strategies are designed to ensure effective responses to unforeseen issues and provide the assistance with short-term course corrections that fit within your overall wealth management strategy. We provide the financial expertise, framework and discipline necessary to help you achieve your stated financial and investment goals along with the peace of mind you desire.