Strategically Engineered Portfolio Program (SEPP)

At Oliver Capital Management, we pride ourselves on achieving the following four advantages for our Private Clients:

  1. Enhanced Performance / Return (Relative to applicable benchmark)

  2. Decreased Risk

  3. Lower overall expenses associated with the management of assets

  4. World Class Service

We believe these are the criteria upon which we should be compared. These four benchmarks will always be our focus and the foundation upon which we base our decisions.

So how do we achieve this consistently, year after year? Our answer is the "Strategically Engineered Portfolio Program (SEPP)"

The desired objective as a result of employing the Strategically Engineered Portfolio Program (SEPP):

  • Improved risk-adjusted returns over the long term due to:
    • Proper Asset Allocation (proven to be responsible for up to 90%+ of a portfolios return, versus individual stock selection, etc.)

    • Systematic annual re-balancing of the portfolio back to the benchmark percentages (vs. quarterly or yearly)

    • Allocatoin a portion of the SEPP to the worst performing sector of the economy for the trailing 12 months when annual rebalancing occurs (i.e. Financial, Consumer Staples, Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications, etc.)

  • Greater overall Tax Efficiency due to lower portfolio turnover

  • Ability to mitigate capital gains tax by selling losers to offset gains

  • Simplification (i.e. one account to track/manage)

  • Substantially lower cost / expenses associated with the Strategically Engineered Portfolio (SEPP)